The LAL (Large Animal Lift) is a Lightweight device that can be easily applied to lift a down horse.


The development of the ‘Anderson Sling’ at UC Davis was a joint effort between Dr. John Madigan, Richard Morgan and Charles Anderson. When Madigan returned to UC Davis from private practice in 1983, he began seeing a large number of neurological patients. Madigan, along with Anderson, a welder and inventor, and Richard Morgan, a large animal clinic supervisor, teamed up to develop and test what would become the sling used around the world to help weak horses and assist with anesthesia recovery. Following completion of the sling, Madigan found many circumstances in the field and in clinics where there was a need for a simplified device that was easier to put on a down horse. Madigan again enlisted the help of Richard Morgan, Charlie Anderson, and Greg Ferraro from the Center for Equine Health, to develop a useful device for assisting a down horse to stand. The Anderson sling works well for longer term lifting, but it is difficult to put on a down horse without sedating or anesthetizing the animal, and this then further limits the ability to assess the horse once lifted.

The Large Animal Lift is a lightweight, simple to use, affordable piece of equipment that can be used in the following ways:

  • Lifting down horses in the field using a tractor, back hoe or other overhead device.

  • Anesthesia recovery assist

  • Pulling recumbent horses from stalls or trailers

  • Lifting or pulling horses stuck in mud, ravines etc.

  • Lifting weak, older horses that get down and can’t rise

  • Preventing horses with pelvic injuries or other orthopedic injuries from laying down. 

  • The LAL can be used to pull a horse to a skid device and then lifted out of many difficult circumstances. 

When the LAL is used in recovery, a 9 foot clearance is needed to elevate the horse. A winch or tractor has been used to lift horses. At the UC Davis VMTH, they use an electric winch system or chain hoist (one ton capacity) in the stall. A corner tie is used to secure the bar to prevent excessive movement.  Each LAL is shipped with unadjustable straps and adjustable straps are available upon request.

The LAL is distributed by Large Animal Lift Enterprises, 1045 E June Drive, Moses Lake, WA 98837 , telephone 509-350-5844. Proper instruction and training are required for safe use of the LAL in horses. Use of the LAL without undergoing specific training could result in serious injury or death to the horse and/or individuals attempting to work with the down horse.